Creating your first rotator

This tutorial will walk you through creating your first rotator on TPM Rotator. A rotator is a simple url that will show one of many urls from a list of sites that you configure. On TPM Rotator, you can create as many rotators as you want, and you can include as many websites in each rotator as you want, there are no limits, even for free members.

Step 0

Log into the members area.

Log in to the members area

Step 1

From within your members area, click on “Rotator Setup”.

Click on Rotator Setup

Step 2

Type a name for your rotator. This can be any name you want, its just for your reference. It will show up on your public stats page if you choose to use one. If you’d like to create a public webpage that anyone can go to and see how many hits your sites have received, check the box “Stats Public”. Some members use this as a way to show proof to others that they are delivering hits to their website. If you do not need to show anyone else your statistics, you do not need to select this box. Also, you can change this later if you like. Click on “Add”

Add your rotator

Step 3

Your rotator will now show up in the list. Click on the edit (looks like a pencil and paper) button next to your rotator.

Click on edit

Step 4

Now you are on the setup page for your specific rotator. This is where you add all the sites you want to promote. To add a site, type the site name (this is just for reference), the url of the site, the weight, and max hits. After you’ve filled out everything, click on “Add”.

Field Description
Site Name This is just for your reference.
Site Url This is the url for the site you want to promote.
Weight This is a relative measure of how often a site should be seen.
Max Hits The maximum number of hits this site should receive, after which the system will stop sending hits to this site. Please see What does weight mean? for further details.

Setup your rotator

Step 5

Add as many sites as you need to.

Step 6

Choosing your URL.

URL Description
Rotator URL This is the basic url. Your sites will show inside of a frame and the visitor will see the url in the browser window. If the visitor refreshes the page, they’ll see a different one of your sites. Free member rotators will show advertisements, but PRO member’s will not.
Invisible URL This url will do a forward to your site and the visitor will see the site’s url in their browser window.
Auto URL The auto url will display all your sites in order (except sites with weight 0) and will automatically refresh the page to show another site after 20 seconds. (Only available for PRO members).
Public Stats This is the link to your public statistics page that you can use to prove to others how many hits you’ve received to each site url. (Only for PRO members).