Rotator Setup

Rotator setup page image

  1. Your Rotators - List of all the rotators you’ve created so far.
  2. Rotator ID - This is the internal ID number of the rotator. You’ll notice this is used in your rotator urls.
  3. Rotator Name - This is the name of your rotator. It’s really just for your reference, it’s not used for anything within our system.
  4. Rotator Sites - This is the number of websites that are currently set up in your rotator.
  5. Rotator Hits - This is the number of clicks that your urls have received.
  6. Reset Hits Button - This resets the number of hits for this specific rotator.
  7. Edit Rotator Button - This link will bring you to a page where you can edit/update the sites within the rotator.
  8. Delete Rotator Button - This will delete this rotator.
  9. Create New Rotator Name Field - To create a new rotator, just type the name you want to use here.
  10. Add New Rotator Button - This button will create a new rotator with the name you specified in #9.